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with us. i share this hope. hope is not a strategy. >> let me bring in the "news nation" political panel. chris and michael and jonathan and communications relations director for american cross roads and bobby gosch, deputy international editor for "time" magazine. jonathan, we heard governor romney's speech and saw excerpts before the speech. the hope line is replayed so much. what is the major failure of the obama administration that republicans and romney are referring to? >> well, i think he's talking about what just happened in this fiasco in libya. governor romney had a good week talking about the economy. they want to definele what will be talked about this week on the if foreign policy front. they'll have a hearing about what went on the in libya on the security side leading up to the attack there. that's what he wants to set the stage for. if they talk about foreign policy this week, he wants it to define the terms on which we have that debate. >> because words matter, you started off with with saying i think that's what governor romney was talking about. an ongoing investigatio
on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. while acknowledging a thorough investigation is needed, house democrats accuse republicans of leaving them out of the investigation leading up to the committee hearing and playing politics. >> although the chairman claims we are pursuing this investigation on a, quote, bipartisan basis, that's simply not been the case. the chairman has withheld documents provided to the committee which is in violation of the house rules. it's a shame they're resorting to such petty abuses in what should be a serious and responsible investigation of this fatal attack. >> and -- >> we know that the tragedy in mbenbenghazi ended as it did. we now know that, in fact, it was caused by a terrorist attack that was reasonably predictable to eventually happen somewhere in the world, especially on september 11th. requests of extensions of more security by the mission in libya, however, appear to have been reject ed. >>> president obama gives his first major interview since his debate performance that helped mitt romney close the spread in several battleground states. the president
. >> governor romney's economic policies are reverting back to the same policies that i inherited that led us to the slowest job growth in 50 years, record deficits, and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. >> also today brand new polling in two important states out in the wild west. our nbc news "wall street journal" m.arist poll has the president holding on to his lead in nevada. that same poll putting governor romney and the president in a dead even race in colorado. national daily tracking polls from "the washington post" and abc news gives romney a three-point advantage. let's bring in our panel. zachary, you were here with me, we were watching governor romney's speech. what was the major part of this speech that he revealed today? >> i'm at a loss to figure out what the major part was. it was any different than the talking points at the debates. he rehashed those. he talked about slinging bureaucracy, energy independence, ending the war on coal, closing the skills gap and liking business. all of that is part of the campaign. these are the talking points. it's 11 days.
. on the other hand, one of us saw first hand all the conservative red meat he gave a rally in denver just last night. let me start off with you. ann, you're the journalist. romney was at a rally yesterday, and he started to talk about the keystone pipeline, that kind of red meat that gets the conservative crowd going. but away from the rallies in a recent string of interviews, he's embracing obama care, and now this issue regarding the executive order for young people in this country through no fault of their own allowing them to remain here for two years. >> he's no dummy, and the romney campaign isn't under illusions that people at the rally can't also read the newspaper the next day and see what he said in different settings. i think they're trying to do something candidates often do, which is in a set where you have a lot of more conservative supporters and base, you try to rally them. you try on to reach out to independents and the center. the real question is why he didn't try to do that sooner, maybe shortly after the convention or after he locked up the nomination, which is when that t
cornbluth and steve diese is with us as well. once again, we have steve on skype and you have sunglasses on. i'm not sure why. is that because you believe romney's star is so bright you have to wear shades or whatever the cliche is? what's going on for governor romney, steve? >> i'm not wearing sunglasses. the light inning that office is that bad. >> you look like mr. cool with your sunglasses on. what do you think of romney's momentum at this point? >> i think the number one thing he has going right now is his rating. over the last couple of weeks he had the lowest favorability rating of any modern presidential challenger in the history of modern polling. you can go back, tamron, to the debate two weeks ago in denver, colorado where a lot of american people gave him a second look and thought maybe they didn't have this guy defined the way they thought and opened themselves up to supporting him. i agree with what mark murray said. i think the race is back to where it was before the conventions when romney didn't get a bounce and obama did. romney got the bounce after the debate, and it's a
terrorism rather than a more sophisticated and nuanced debate of what did the u.s. administration know about the protection policies in place in benghazi. >> absolutely. >> now degenerated in to meaningless of this one word terrorism. >> that's the fault of governor romney because there's the opportunity to talk about the substantive investigation, perhaps heat off of you and your running mate. you have family members that believe it's politicized and there's the chance rather than hooked on this terror line and i think, eugene, because you have a lot of conservatives early on saying that the president was trying to eliminate the word terror and all of this notion. >> exactly. that's been sort of the theme in the conservative blogosphere and hanging on that word which was said. he said act of terror in a list with 9/11. so it was wrong and there could have been a substantive discussion but there was a gotcha. >> it was a gotcha. >> a miss opportunity on both sides. >> absolutely. let's play another exchange. this one on immigration. as i understand it, the goggle topics that people are looki
economic direction, the decisions he made, saving the auto industry, basically using stimulus, which the other guy wants to do. basically said i set a course to take us from the collapse to the stock market back up to where we were. for unemployment i take it down from a direction that took us past double digit. i take this down below eight. we're getting there. you don't start talking about the second term unless you defend the first term. there's no way to talk about the next four years without the last four years. he has to play aggressive as hell defense on the economy and not expect to win otherwise. >> okay. so you got this new gallup poll/"usa today" poll today where it shows a one-point difference. it was a double digit when female voters were brought into the equation. you brought up ledbetter, and it will focus around the economy. i will play this sound clip from two years. let me finish, please. >> there's nothing important than what you make an hour. >> i agree. two years ago velma hart was as a cnbc town hall. she's a female african-american supporter of president obama.
will join us live. necessary denver to discuss the real story behind the tapes that are dominating the political landscape right before the debate. martin's take on those tapes. and join our conversation on twitter. you can find us @tamronhall, or my team at news nation. this happens to be my song of the day. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at libertymutual.com. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. ln cuisine. be culinary chic. >>> he knows the job. he's been doing it for quite some time. he's a very good debater so i do testimony him to have fun and relax and just be himself because the truth is if he is the barack obama the country has come to know and trust, he i
. >> mark murray, thank you very much. you'll join us as at the half hour mark. let's bring in the "news nation" political panel. with us from afar is steve deyse a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. we allowed you to come with a regular camera and not skype. so you have some edge up here. let's start off with michael. one of the polls is pennsylvania as well. the president is up, but i believe now about three points. that is your home state. mark murray and they like to look at state-by-state battleground polls over the national polls so many get caught up in day to day. what's your read, mike condechm? >> it's not the swing state it's cracked up to be. i will believe that it's a true swing state, tamron, when i turn on my own television at home and be inundated with commercials. right now that's just not the case, and money does talk in this circumstance. if all of a sudden both candidates commit to it or if the romney campaign forces obama top defend his turf in pennsylvania, i'll start to feel that way. right now, i don't see it. >> let me play sound, keith, from mark halper
on that u.s. consulate in lib yeah. coming up, i'll talk with jim frederic on the breaking news within the hour. >>> plus, more on the gamble governor romney is taken in the last hour by refusing to withdraw his endorsement of richard mourdock and the dnc out with a new ad linking romney to him. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> we've got to get this guy elected in the u.s. senate. >> next up, salon.com's writer will join us. the risks for romney. plus, there's more than one way to get to 270. how does the president win without ohio? joining our conversation on twitter. this is my song pick of the day. just bought it on itunes. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask one of our insurance experts about it today. hello?! we believe our cus
should be at the helm is the person whose policies created those jobs to give us a more perfect union. >> chris, there is former president bill clinton talking about jobs, which we know the is the most important thing right now in this race. the economy and recovery here. is a message like that affectefe with all the haze going on right now? should is that argument been sealed weeks ago, or if not longer than that? >> in the battlegrounds that have been impacted by the storm, i'm not sure what's going to penetrate over the next three or four days. we're talking about a much bigger map in places like wisconsin, nevada, colorado where you're going to have, i think in lieu of the principals, you have surrogates like president clinton going there speaking, it does have an impact. talking about the jobs and the president's agenda on the recovery but taking the country in a better place in the next four years as far as the middle class, that is a powerful message in the coming last days. >> absolutely. erin you referred to that ad in pennsylvania. it was 1.7 million if my mind is serving me
the light sxwro and join our team. >> joining us now is steve boykin and anne cornbluth and steve deyes. the president out at that rally seemed more enthusiastic. he said that was not the real mitt romney who showed up at the debate last night. so the question to you, was it the real president obama who showed up last night? >> great question, because the president obama at that rally is not what i saw on the debate stage last night. one lingering question in my mind and i even tweeted it in real time. did he know he was on a split screen the entire evening? because style matters, tamron, and the substance -- you know the fact finders are already having a field day on. stylistically he lost the debate. he looked dmismissive and troubled to be there. the president did not respond in kind the way he did in the rally today. >> anne a lot of people are saying all of you folks talking about style and the body language are missing the point. this was supposed to be about substance, and that goes so far because you have the president today saying who is the real mitt romney. the question is fo
security, as little as you can do. folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on this? >> and that is a heck of a question, looking square into that television screen. we know about 5% of the people out there, ann, identify themselves as undecided. who was most effective, particularly on this medicare debate? >> well, look, it presented a very stark choice. i think people who are paying attention to the election probably already knew, which is if you like the system the way it is, then the democratic tick set probably more in line with your thinking and if you want change, whether because you think the system is broken or you think it's not allocated appropriately, then the republican ticket is for you. so i think you saw right there that encapsulated that. the looks on vice president biden's face were priceless throughout this. when it comes to medicare and the substance with which they were talking about, the choice couldn't be starker and i think both sides would own up to that part. >> jonathan cillizza, let me bring you in. conservatives have gone after the stimul
talk about mitt romney, you have to look at history, tamron. in 1994 he ran for the u.s. senate to the left of ted kenne kennedy. in 2002 he ran for governor make the trains run on time. i'm not pro-life or pro-choice, i don't expect either label. in 2008 he brought a bunch of leather recliners and tried to smooz them on the cover of national review to put the reagan coalition back toke. in 2012 he runs as the next republican establishment heir apparent. he's run for office four times and run as a different candidate each time and has in this election. >> in spite of that you would actually even consider voting for this guy because he's not barack obama? this is a guy with no consistency in his policy whatsoever. i don't understand why conservatives like this guy except for the fact he's not barack obama. rick santorum was right when he said he's the worst possible candidate to run against barack obama. >> but in fairness, though, is it still 19 days out for some conservatives an issue they don't want barack obama in the white house? >> it's not as simple as that. it's that they
need to be prepared for something that's going to take us into november 7th, maybe even beyond. >> that would be a long night for you, my friend. what's behind the discrepancy with the numbers we've seen so far in the polls, though? >> well, the one thing -- you look at our nbc/"wall street journal"/maris poll of iowa, we show 34% of likely voters say they've already voted, and president obama is winning by a very wide margin. when you look at the voting totals into the iowa secretary of state's office, about 20% have actually voted, although the outstanding absentee ballots, that gets you closer to 30%, which is kind of close to our 34%. a lot of it goes into the uncertainty of how do you measure people who have already voted in all this early voting actually going on? we're going to continue to see numbers out of the battleground states, and my guidance to everyone is it's really close. >> one of the key voting groups i talked about in the last three days with recommend voters, and the president is still leading the female vote. we understand it's a group that both sides have
about is the substantive policy differences. would one take us to war where the other would not. the rhetorical differences between republicans and democrats are meaningful in recent administrations and what's described as swagger and what republicans call as strentd wanting to exhibit greater american strength could be a bigger difference tonight. in the areas you just described, certainly afghanistan, even syria, iran, maybe to a lesser extent israel, whether there's real differences, there's similarities. we'll see how bob schieffer does to tease it out. that's why we'd end up returning to libya. even if mitt romney won't say what he'd do differently, that's the biggest point of contention between them. >> do you agree with anne cornblut on this? they're similar to what governor romney says he would have in place if he were elected. the only real difference tonight where you would see the heat, if i should say, people are craving slib ya. >> i think it's yes and no. >> based on the romney today. not based on governor romney in the primary. >> it's tuesday, so it's a different
is a vision. communicate to the american people, use this as a platform, it's you and them, one on one and i would act as if barack obama is not there. >> let me bring in chris on that point. let me play, chris, what president obama said just yet in nevada. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. i don't know about that. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> we know both sides are playing this au shuck, i'm just okay. i don't know how i'm going to perform. the president -- >> he's just the president. >> he's been working very hard. he may not be rehearsing zingers but we know, for example, just on the tax loophole question, that paul ryan stumbled and stammered through when on fox news yesterday, there are openings available but the problem, at least that we're hearing, chris, from the obama team, is they're worried his answers will be too long and not crisp and concise. >> well, you know, having watched the president both when he was a candidate for president and as a candidate in the primaries, he's -- he has a tendency t
for anyone. i don't think that's good for the american economy or any one of us. >> i wanted to say, look, jack welch was a successful businessman on this subject. he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. crazy talk like that is a symptom of the disease in our political media culture and a disease of disbelief and polarization where every time a new poll comes, whether it shows obama or romney up, i get people that say i don't believe those numbers. they're made up, and it's sad and something they have to deal with. >> it's not just the political media. let me tell you you something, john. that tweet it from mr. welch was retweeted not just by correspondents covering it. these are people on twitter, on facebook who somehow maybe are walking down the street and their neighbor says did you hearing what jack welch says, the numbers are cooked and that contributes to the toxic level where people have no confidence in anything. forget the polls because you can talk about sampling and whatnot. this is the economy. it's 114,000 jobs. it's not the goal number. let's be one of the 114,00
the table thanking them for the work and warning that the country's not out of the woods yet. joining us now nbc news political director chuck todd on the phone and ron allen live in point please sant beach, new jersey. todd, i'll start with you. we have chris christie with president obama and others say what else was supposed to happen here? i mean, these men may be from different sides of aisle but we know they're still without power and lost their homes and the other issue still facing the region. >> that's right. we are here in atlantic city. he is up in the chopper with governor christie. it was interesting. it was just governor christie. no other entourage greeting the president. just president and administrator fugate. they got on marine one which was brought up here and that's what they're doing now and just the three of them along with jack law the chief of staff on one helicopter and they're doing that tour as you know yesterday it was after governor christie did his first tell conference tour of the shore he was a different guy in the press briefing. clearly shaken him up. so then
for the worst of the storm. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking it all for us. he joins me live from lower manhattan. bill, right now two major tunnels close later today. the holland tunnel that connects new york and new jersey, mandatory evacuations in order for lower manhattan people outside of the new york area. that is where the world trade center is located, wall street not far behind and the conditions are picking up by the minute it seems there. >> reporter: yeah, without a doubt. this storm is going historic. to this point we haven't even gone through the historic part of it. this morning's high tide cycle was what you expect in a typical hurricane in this area of the country. as we go throughout this afternoon and this evening when the winds really start cranking up, that's the one portion of the historic portion of the storm when the largest power outages is anticipated in total volume, in the millions that this country has ever seen. then it will all peak with a creshendo tonight at the high tide. further south on the jersey shore between 7:00 and 8:00. it will have the highest
mr. obama but then the whole debate he used that civility to mask a total lack of deference. i get the sense he was looking at the president right in the eye for an hour and a half with total disdain. i think the president to his discredit couldn't handle it. he sh you had have looked him in the eye and said, this knit whit, who is he. whatever it takes to stare down a guy who doesn't like you. >> like i'm staring you down. >> no, you do it nicely. there are a couple of things, quite seriously. if i were joe biden, i'm not joe biden, i'd go after a couple of things hard. how does an 82-year-old or 92-year-old man, get on their bicycle, the car, rent a cab, they go out and find an insurance policy to cover them? there's no such insurance company that's going to insure them. this thing about a voucher is fantastic, literally fantastic. secondly, personhood. do you really mean to say that a fertilized human egg, whatever your philosophy or religion, should have the rights of property, should have the rights of liberty? what does that mean except it takes the mother's role and casts it
that drones are used in drone strikes and i support that entirely and feel that the president was right. >> so margie, what do you describe this strategy of governor romney? other republicans believe it was effective. already today it gave the president the first talking point that had the audience in florida on their feet. >> well, i think it would be one thing if mitt romney had a cooperative, collaborative style this entire campaign, but he hasn't. the truth is he's been incredibly confrontational and on form rin policy generally where he has reflexive opposition for everything obama is for. he had a completely different take alast night, and i think that reveals some of the vulnerabilities that romney has generally. his willingness to really play all different sides of an issue, and two, realizing that a lot of positions are really unpopular with a lot of swing voters. he has to move more to the middle at the very end. i did watch the debate with some walmart moms last night, and they did appreciate some of the more agreement, seeing some agreement and less of the combativeness between the
. >> do you think it's funny, but would you think it was funny if governor romney used the same language fairly speaking? >> listen, i'm not sure many people will be shocked by this kind of language. >> the president did call kanye a jack-a so he's capable through association with rahm emanuel to mix it up in colorful language. i'm guilty of it myself. >> he's equal opportunity in his colorful remarks. >> thank you very much. i love that we have to say bull bleeper. we need a late night show so we can say the word. it's a pleasure to see you. thank you very much. up next, we go live to chicago. the president's next stop. i'll talk with jim warren about what he's hearing regarding the ground game for the president. what they're saying at the obama headquarters. we're a fly on the wall. we're keeping an eye on hurricane sandy pounding cuba all morning and could threaten the east coast in a few days. this is a big story. today's "news nation" gut check, colin powell has endorsed president obama. does that matter to you? we'll play what mr. powell said and tell you how to weigh in. join our
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)

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